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Product and consumer information

Warranty and Important Information


Consumer Safety Information

Motorcycles and electric bikes can be dangerous. Any rider will need to exercise caution and ride within their limits to prevent the chance of serious injury, or damage to property. Ensure you always check the bike before riding. Check that all bolts are secure and your brakes are functional prior to use. Always follow the safety steps of the bike manufacturer prior to riding to ensure you are operating the bike safely. When you receive your KO Moto controller, or motor please  thoroughly inspect the unit prior to fitting. If you find any defects which may lead to safety concerns please contact us immediately and do not fit the product to your bike. Defects include, crack, leakages, breaks, frayed cabling and incorrectly fitting contacts.  If you have any questions, or concerns about the products you receive please contact us directly prior to fitting the parts. You can do so either via email at or on Facebook

Fitting and Installation

This product is designed to be fitted and installed by a professional mechanic. We would highly recommend that you install this product with the help of an authorised and recommended bike mechanic/ technician. We would never recommended anyone without the requisite experience to install our products without the correct level of expertise in doing so. 

From time to time, as with all motorcycle / bike products we would recommend maintenance work at regular intervals to ensure that you are operating your bike safely and within the guidelines of your bike manufacturer. This includes regular servicing at the specified intervals. Do not ride your bike if you suspect that our products have not been installed correctly. Take the bike directly to the nearest specialist mechanic if you have any concerns, or would like a safety inspection completed.

Legal Requirements

It is extremely important that you check the laws of the country or state that you are located in. Please ensure you are familiar with the rules prior to riding. It is possible that there are variations on age limit, motor wattage and general access to electric motorcycles depending on where you are riding. The legality of riding electric motorcycles will also change from the USA to Europe and Australia. We will not accept any liability for misuse, illegal activity, or breaking the law in any shape or form. Our products are intended for competition and off-road use only. If you decide to deviate from this you do so at your own risk. 

Intended Use

No Liability or warranty will extend or be accepted if the use of our motor and controller deviates form this intended use.  If the installation, or safety instructions of the bike manufacturer are not observed, in the event of overloading, or if a known fault is not dealt with prior to re-use.  To the same token no liability and or warranty shall be accepted in the case of incorrect fitting. or assembly errors, wilful wrongdoing, accident and lack of care, or maintenance schedules set by the manufacturer are not followed. For Warranty to apply the motor and controller should be used with 60-72v (nominal voltage) batteries and the guidelines on using these should be adhered to at all times. Using a battery of higher voltage will work, however will not be covered under warranty and we will not accept warranty claims for users that have taken it upon themselves to use higher voltage packs and have caused damage to their motor or controller. Commercial use is not covered via the intended use policy. All of the guidelines on the following pages, as well as the software operation and installation videos form part of intended use. Using either the controller or motor outside of intended use can pose a serious risk of injury, damage to personal property, or even death. 

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