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Product and consumer information

PC Software - Miscellaneous Information

Motor Parameters Guidance




SOC (State of Charge) 

The state of charge option is for reflecting the correct state of charge for batteries. If you have a custom battery it is possible to change these settings adjust for this. This may require some custom software from us to detail this. For more information please contact us on 

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Auto Learn (Set Encoder Position) 

The controller will auto detect both motors with a hall sensor and encoder. If you are using a Talaria the controller will auto detect the position of the encoder once you have update the Talaria firmware.  If you want to use a 3rd party motor you can use this function to set the position of the encoder. We would recommend getting in touch with us prior to doing this at

Factory Calibration

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The Factory Calibration menu is designed for bench testing and development work and as such is not really for direct customer use. 

Miscellaneous Guidance

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