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Controller Parameters Guidance


How to Calibrate the Throttle **UPDATED** AUTO CALIBRATION ADDED

See the video guide below.

Calibrating your Throttle (Manually)

See the written guide below.

This should be the first step and should be completed on the pc software. The back wheel of the bike should be lifted off the ground using a stand or equivalent. There are quite a range of different throttles available for the Sur-Ron and many of you will be using a third party throttle. This should be the first step before you ride. If you are using something like a domino throttle you will find the voltage range available to you is much greater than a standard electric Sur-Ron throttle. The standard Sur-Ron throttle begins operating with a voltage of around 0.82v where as the domino will register at around 0.25v. 

This may mean that when you first fit the controller you will be met with a continual beeping sound and an error message on the main page of the pc software. Do not be concerned this will just be a warning that your low voltage threshold on your throttle is incorrect. 

You can calibrate this easily by checking the voltage range on your throttle which is displayed at the bottom left corner of the software indicated in the screenshot below.  

throttle calibration .jpg

Leave the throttle idle and observe the voltage recorded. Then pull the throttle to its limit to observe the maximum voltage range of the throttle. From here you can input the high and low value into the software until you have the correct feel for you. We would suggest using 0.02/0.03V higher than the idle value for the starting throttle and use the exact same value as the maximum throttle voltage for the high value.  

throttle calibration 2.png

Once you have set the numbers you can save them by hitting the save button. You will hear a beep from the controller to confirm that the settings have been saved. While testing the feel of the throttle it is very important to note that the bike throttle will now be live and the throttle active. It is important that you have the back wheel raised off the ground to avoid the bike lurching forward when the throttle is pulled. Change the settings until the correct feel has been achieved and you are happy with the result. 

Controller Parameters Guidance

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