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Product and consumer information

PC Software - Motor Parameter Settings

Controller Parameters Guidance


Motor parameters

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Rated voltage

This option will be dictated by the firmware version you are using. 60v, 72v or 84V nominal. This setting cannot be changed and is for information purposes only. 

Rated power

not used - This does not in any way change the power of the set up. It is for information purposes and generally used for batch processing. This is not an indication of the power of the set up you are using and should not be considered so. 


Pole Pairs

This can be changed to reflect the number of pole pairs your motor is using. This should be  auto detected via the controller and should not be changed. The KO Moto Motor is 4 Sur-Ron standard motor is 5, Talaria stock motor is 5.

Direction (Motor direction)

This option changes the motor Direction between CW (clock wise) or CCW (counter clock wise) 1 is the default position.

Motor Temp (Motor Temperature Sensor Type) 

What kind of temp sensor the motor uses - Sur-Ron is KTY84 - The KO Moto Motor is  KTY84. 

TempProtect - (Motor Temperature Protection)

Set to 140 degrees at this point power is throttled - Customers cannot change this and this number is set at the factory. 

AN (Wave Type - Magnetic field weakening) (Advanced Users Only) 

This function is used to control motor vibration and change the wave type used for magnetic field weakening. You can change this number from 0-16 for best results. We have found that it is best to use a low number if you are using a high power system. An example of this is one of the test bikes we have using 300amps dc in and 800 phase we use AN set to 2 to limit motor vibration across the whole RPM range. Where as a stock Sur-Ron bike would use a value of around 4. This setting should generally not be changed from the stock setting for a particular firmware but they can be adjusted in certain circumstances. 

LM (Wave interval - Magnetic field weakening)(Advanced users only) - This setting works in conjunction with AM and changes the interval of the waves being sent. This can also be used to prevent motor vibration in your set up but should be used after AM has been adjusted and has not had the desired effect. This setting should generally not be changed from the stock setting for a particular firmware but they can be adjusted in certain circumstances. 

Position - is not open it shows magnet position - Encoder or hall sensor reading.

Current Coefficient (RPM Power Adjustment) 

Adjust the torque delivered through an RPM range by limiting the amount of phase current available as a percentage. This will allow you to adjust the feeling of torque for the bike during initial acceleration and while the motor accelerates to its maximum RPM. The value used should be between 0-100. We would suggest for best results having a sensible smooth transition for road use and something a little more aggressive for dirt. An important note to make is that every drive train in every bike is slightly different you may find at a certain speed the bike will slightly shake or shudder at a high phase rating. If you find this occurs then the best way is to adjust the phase current limiter downwards by a factor of about 5-10%. you will also find this setting very useful to give you the level of torque at the start RPM range 500 +1000 so as to not make the bike feel too jerky. 

Miscellaneous Guidance

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