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Product and consumer information


How to connect your PC to a controller


How to update your firmware

See the video guide below. Please see for the latest firmware and software.

Updating your firmware

See the written guide below.

Updating the KO Moto controller is a simple process that can be performed using your pc/laptop connecting via the USB Bluetooth adapter. The first step is to connect to your controller (process described on the previous tutorial page and video). Once you are connected to the controller you need to navigate to the controller parameters tab (the second tab along the top navigation menu).

When you have located this tab you will see to the far right of the options there is an "Upgrade" and  "Recovery" option listed. Images of these can be found below.


Upgrade and Recovery has slightly different functions. Upgrade will simply upgrade your firmware and leave your settings as they are so it will not change the numbers you have used in the software. Recovery will reset your settings to a factory suggested level and also update / reset your firmware version. For the first update you should use the recovery option. 

There are two options for the latest firmware update for the controller. There is a 72V version and a 60V version. It is important that you pick the correct version for the update you are using as it contains not only information to report the battery state of charge, but also important tweaks and updates for using your controller.  You can find this firmware at

when you have the correct file simply click on the "Recovery" option at which point you will be prompted to choose the file you would like to use to update the controller. Locate this file and click on "Open" to begin the updating process.

hex update.png

Once the update has completed hit the determine button to finalize. If the update fails before it is completed do not worry. Simply repeat the process and ensure that your dongle is secure in its USB port and your bike is in close enough proximity to the dongle so as not to cause connection issues. 

After the update is successful you will immediately notice that your controller has started to beep continually. This is simply a warning that the throttle needs to be calibrated and that you will need to adjust the high and low voltage readings in order to use it correctly. The process for this is outlined in the next video and once you have completed this task the controller will stop beeping and you can proceed to changing the other settings.

How to configure your throttle

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