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Product and consumer information

PC Software - Controller Function Settings

Controller Parameters Guidance


Controller Functions

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Brake - (Brake Sensor Control) 

This allows you to turn the brake sensors on and off 

Float Run - Will keep the motor going when the brakes are pulled and the throttle is engaged.

Float stop - The motor will cut when the brakes are pulled (this requires the brake sensors to be present).

Invalid - This option takes you strictly to mechanical braking and ignores the sensor completely ( No digital input). 

Bike Sensors

Set to option 5 to disable all sensors and set to option 1 to enable them.



Use option D - other options are not used on the Sur-Ron

Parking - (Parking Speed)

This enables a limiter for parking speed - leave on disabled 

Follow (Regen Braking Type)

When using regen braking use the settings Stop Back Curr and Max Back Curr in the controller functions menu to dictate the strength of regen braking use, The maximum value for regen braking is 20A.

Enable - Turns on regen braking

Disable - This option turns off regen braking completely. 

Brake - When you brake the you enable regen braking. 

EABS  - This option is the same function as the Sur-Ron - when you turn off the throttle you get regen braking. 

Throttle RESP - (Drive Mode Style)

Line - This is a fairly flat mode with a fairly tame acceleration profile - good for beginner riders.

Sport  - This mode has a more aggressive profile and is ideal for riders that need fast acceleration and response

ECO - This is a slow but efficient mode for battery saving and for people that want to plod.

ACCA PARA (Acceleration Control) 

This setting adjusts the aggressiveness of the acceleration control 1 is slowest 8 is fastest. 

Reverse Charging (Regenerative Braking)

This setting is linked with follow - depending on bike will change in line with follow setting.

CAN protocol 

not used in Sur-Ron


not used on sur-ron controller


MidSpeedParas (EP Mode speed and power adjustment)

LineCurrRatio (EP Mode Power) - This is set as a percentage of Max Line Curr in controller parameters. This limits the total current available in EP mode. You can adjust this value from 0-100% which will take the equivalent percentage for the maximum DC in. 

PhaseCurrRatio (EP Phase Current Limiter) This is also input as a percentage from 0-100% of Max Phase Curr (Phase current) in Controller Parameters. Adjusting this value will make the equivalent percentage you have set of maximum phase current. 

MidSpeed (RPM limiter) - This function will limit the maximum rpm of the motor you can set a value from 1000-1000RPM. This will limit the top speed of the bike in line with the RPM chosen. This is a good option if you need to stick to a legal road limit. 

StopBackCurr - (Regen Braking Strength)

For EABS or Brake - This is how strong  the effect of Regen braking is when the options are enabled. A standard Sur-Ron is  set to 15 Max back current 20. However you may find this is too much if you have the KO Moto motor and this should be set lower to feel comfortable. We do not suggest using any higher than 15 as this may cause a harsh feel when braking. 

MaxBackCurr - (Maximum Regen Braking level)

The maximum level of regen braking in amps (A).



not used in retail version


Speedometer - signal pulse speed for speedometer - you can change the pulse number to dial in accuracy of the speedometer this should be set to pulse and the SpeedPulse should be set accordingly. 

Motor Parameters Guidance

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