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The KO battery connector has been specifically designed to suit the needs of the power hungry by providing  a true 300 Amp continuous discharge capability. This overcomes previous hurdles of using two different connectors to come anywhere close to this level of power. The KO connector is fully modular, easy to solder and connect together and is suitable for any high discharge requirements with a peak discharge of up to 550 amps


  • 4.6 ohlm 
  • 300amp continous 
  • 500amp burst 
  • 120v Max working voltage
  • Brass connectors  with silver coating 
  • PA 66 nylon molded plastic. 
  • IP 65 water proof rated. 
  • 12mm Female connection. 
  • 8mm male connection. 
  • 4mm internal pin connection. 
  • 4Awg wire with terminals atrached.  
  • Built in anti spark circut . 
  • 6 pin Can Bus pin set included 

KO connector

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