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Product and consumer information

Android App Software Guide

Miscellaneous Guidance


This guide is intended to guide you through the Android App that we have put up as a temporary measure prior to our full release app that will be coming very soon. You can download this app under SUPPORT > SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS on this website. If you have any issues download the app or would like the apk sent to you directly please email us on

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Navigate to the app menu screen

Once you have downloaded and opened the app you will see an icon with three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen. If you tap on this it will take you to the app menu where you can update your app and connect / disconnect from your controller.


It is best to close the app completely and start it again if you have not used it for a while and your phone has been in sleep mode or sat in your pocket for a while. 

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Connecting your app to the controller

Once you have located the menu screen you need to click on the connection status line. At this point you may get a prompt to allow your phone to connect to a Bluetooth device using this app. You will need to allow this function on your phone in order for the app to connect to your controller. 

Once you have allowed your phone to connect via this app you will be taken to another screen that shows available Bluetooth devices and ID's.


It is important to note that both the pc software and the app use Bluetooth to connect to the controller. You will not be able to connect via the pc software and the app simultaneously. 

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Locate the Bluetooth ID of the controller

When the devices are listed you will find that our controllers have one of two ID's. These will either begin with a YM or a KO. If you click on the arrow on the same line as this you will connect to the controller. 


if you are having problems connecting via Bluetooth please ensure the bike is powered and that you are not already connected via another device.

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Confirming you are connected

Aside from a message informing you that you are connected to the app you will also see on the main screen when you back out that the voltage of your battery is indicated under line voltage and you will also see the data transfer indicator number rising on the top right hand side of the screen.

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Confirming you are connected

Using the adjustment icon at the bottom of the screen will take you to the menu of settings you can change and view. The app is very similar to the options presented in the pc software. To change settings simply access the menu you wish to make changes in. Change the value of the setting you wish to alter and hit the save button. 

Your controller will beep once denoting that the values have been saved.  Once saved the bike will be ready to use right away. 

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Power Settings

Maximum Line Current - Max DC Amps in up to 370A

Maximum Phase Current - Phase amps up to 800A

Stop Back Current - Regent Braking Current (in amps)

Maximum Back Current - Maximum regen braking current (in amps) do not change over 20A

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RPM Power Adjustment

Adjust the torque delivered through an RPM range by limiting the amount of phase current available as a percentage. This will allow you to adjust the feeling of torque for the bike during initial acceleration and while the motor accelerates to its maximum RPM. The value used should be between 0-100. We would suggest for best results having a sensible smooth transition for road use and something a little more aggressive for dirt. An important note to make is that every drive train in every bike is slightly different you may find at a certain speed the bike will slightly shake or shudder at a high phase rating. If you find this occurs then the best way is to adjust the phase current limiter downwards by a factor of about 5-10%. you will also find this setting very useful to give you the level of torque at the start RPM range 500 +1000 so as to not make the bike feel too jerky. 

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